Thursday, April 10, 2008

User's Voices

Greetings, my fellow conscripts, here is the ultimate chance to influence which Jangaron feature will be next! Just check one or more features in the poll on the left-hand side, press "Vote", and voilĂ , you just participated in Jangaron game development!
  • save settings
    Jangaron is quite configurable, but after having started the game, you have to reload the page to try other settings, and you always have to start from scratch. This feature would save your settings in a local browser cookie.
  • look left / right
    Yes, you can already turn left or right, but this feature is about looking left or right without turning. Might give you the strategic information you need (am I being followed?), and would simply look cool.
  • 2D grid overview
    This is the mother of all feature requests, but I thought, hey, why do I go through all the pain to create a 3D view, and then people say, "whoa, that's irritating, can't you bring back the old days when the game was just a bunch of colorful lines?". No way, 2D grid overview will not make things that easy, but you may see, if this feature makes it...
  • configure acceleration rate
    Sounds a bit technical, but may result in real fun! Imagine, in a two player game, one can go fast with slow acceleration, but the other can accelerate very quickly with a lower maximum speed -- are you curious which combination is a genetic advantage?
End of line.


  1. Thanks for ruining my productivity at work!

    Jangaron seems to match the teams evenly. I would like to play 3v1, 5v1, or have a way to configure teams.

    You rock.

  2. You're welcome!
    Just in case you didn't notice, your feature request has made it onto the "road map"!

  3. I'm working on the team configuration and gameplay and need your input.
    Imagine a human player is in a mixed team (one that also contains AI players). Do you think it is a good idea that when he crashes, he can continue in a team mate's lightcycle that has been AI-controled until then? (I had to think of Lucas Art's great "X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter"!) Or is it too confusing to be thrown into a different lightcycle all of a sudden? What would be the alternative -- should the whole team lose, just because the stupid human team member derezzed?


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