Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Jangaron Version 0.43 Online

Greetings programs,

I just put online a new version (0.43) of Jangaron with some improvements you might like:
  • You can now adjust the minimum and maximum speed of each light cycle. Program players currently always go at minimum, but at least each can race at a different speed.
  • The on-screen status display has been split into one global status bar that shows the wins, deaths and current state of each player, and a head-up display inside each view port, which shows the view port's player's name, position, direction, and speed (now also graphically) [thx TRON.dll for the suggestion!].
  • The default setting is now that all six players are already added, so you can quickly start a more vivid game. I also adapted the default names and colors to better resemble the movie scenario.
  • All starting positions have been moved a bit into the grid, so that now there is room to cross behind them, which keeps you from becoming separated from the opponents early on in the game [thx TheReelTodd! It does play better!].
  • Some minor HTML and CSS changes that make the settings dialog even more flexible and accessible.
Note that you may have to refresh your browser cache to receive the updated version!

This is how the new version looks like in two-player split screen mode with the option "light cycle walls are always transparent" on the "Grid settings" tab switched on:

Any feed-back is highly welcome! Please play the game and help improve it!
Have fun on the grid, and take care not to be derezzed...

End of line.

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