Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Tiny New Feature for Jangaron (0.52)

This one I stole from Armagetron: The outer rim walls of the game grid can now be set to be infinitely high. I like it better for its claustrophobic ambiance, so I made it the default. If you don't like it, uncheck Grid settings | infinitely high outer rim, and you're back to the way it looked before. On any problems running the updated full game or Jangaron mini, please clear your browser cache.


  1. Yeah! That looks a lot better! I think that once you implement those things that we've been talking about, you'll have to put a warning on the game that it might be habit forming! :)

  2. Awesome! Now I can experience part of the awesomeness of Armegatron, a game that cannot run properly on my computer! w00ts!

    Seriously, that's cool.

  3. Sorry, Avi and TRON.dll, for taking so long to publish your comments. Unfortunately, the comment e-mail notification still pointed to a "away-from-home" address, so I just stumbled across your postings. Won't happen again, I promise!
    Btw., if you log in with your OpenId or Google account, your comments are published immediately!
    I hope this delay was not the reason you did not yet comment on the latest topic, the 3rd person view, for which I am desperately waiting for feedback...


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