Friday, June 13, 2008

Jangaron Promo Video Mania

It is really astonishing for me what can happen in a community: After Jangaron 0.5 was done and I made it run on the Wii again, I posted a rather kidding remark to TRON.dll, who, as you might remember, had already put together that great video of Jangaron on the Wii. I said, jokingly, "why don't you also produce a video of the new version", and he even topped that and created a fully-fledged Jangaron promotion video with titles and everything, showing all game modes etc., uploaded it on YouTube and posted it in the Tron-Sector forum thread. And all this happened without me lifting a finger -- amazing! I have to apologize, TRON.dll, it is long overdue to report about your great Jangaron promo video here: Everybody watch and enjoy!

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